Fashion: messages of peace and sustainability

During the New York Fashion Week, Amanda Nguyer and the Rise Fundation movement celebrate the peace and beauty of reuse

Who is Amanda?

Amanda Nguyen is the founder of Rise, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2019 and WOMAN OF THE YEAR TIME 2022. Amanda’s viral video of 2021 has sparked a wave of collective action in the anti-Asian hate movement. You have made history by drafting and unanimously approving both the Charter of Survivors of Sexual Assault through the United States Congress and the Survivors’ Resolution through the United Nations General Assembly. Amanda’s directorial debut, Everything I Ever Wanted To Tell My Daughter About Men, won Best Feature Film at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. She stars in Money Magazine’s Emmy-nominated mini documentary “Rise Above.” She has served in the White House, the State Department and NASA, and is currently an astronaut-scientist candidate at the Astronautical Science Institute. Amanda is a graduate of Harvard University. For her work, Amanda was named Heinz Laureate, Forbes 30 Under 30, Foreign Policy 100, Fedrick Douglass 100, TIME 100 Next, BBC 100, Marie Claire Woman of the Year.

What does RISE do?

The official website reads the following: “We are leaders of #MeToo, #StopAsianHate, Women’s March and March for Our Lives – the greatest grassroots organizational moments in recent U.S. history. We started fighting for survivors of sexual violence and collectively passed more than 60 laws. We gathered our experience to teach you how to pass your law for your community “

The fight for equality and the fight for sustainability: how do they coincide?

Sustainable fashion is fashion that & nbsp; respects the environment and society & nbsp; in all its phases: from conception, to production, through distribution to sale. This fashion proposal seeks to work with & nbsp; less polluting raw materials , & nbsp; waste reduction & nbsp; in manufacturing such as water and electricity costs and produce durable parts, stimulating the & nbsp; conscious consumption . Furthermore, this model proposes a more humane production, without exploitation of workers and with a more equitable remuneration.

A society characterized by attention to people and their well-being, through the development of an ecosystem conducive to innovation and the development of new technologies: this is the message that passes through people like Amanda.

The concept of sustainability can be applied in many ways in the world of fashion and brings with it numerous advantages.

First of all undoubtedly the & nbsp; lower environmental impact , an environment that is obviously at the basis of the well-being of the world population, if our planet overheats, if its air becomes increasingly polluted and its contaminated waters, the life of many populations is compromised. In some areas of the planet, where the production of clothing is not regulated by specific regulations on environmental protection (or where these regulations are more easily broken) the health of many people has already been compromised.

The second advantage is the & nbsp; improvement of the conditions of workers involved in the life cycle of a fashion product . In particular, the production that very often takes place in countries where minimum wages or acceptable working conditions are not guaranteed, with recourse to exploitation and abuses of various kinds.

Thirdly, the development of sustainable fashion can push and contribute to the emergence of new technologies and new processes , strengthening a growing sector and generating new opportunities for social and economic growth.

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