Earth Overshoot Day – everything you need to know

July 28, 2022 is Earth Overshoot Day, the international date recognized as the day when the Earth’s exploitable natural resources are exhausted throughout the year. Day that is determined by the Global Footprint Network, the international organization that “counts” the exploitation of resources through the Ecological Footprint (the now famous “carbon footprint”). In addition to the international day, there is also a national one: in our case it was May 15, 2022.

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How to calculate

The analysis is carried out by the Global Footprint Network and is based on a series of factors and on reports from various international agencies operating in the sector. & nbsp; Deforestation, CO2 emissions, pollution and other environmental factors & nbsp; (like the global warming we are all experiencing) help shape and determine the end date of Earth Overshoot Day.

The date of the Overshoot Day 2021

Last year the day & nbsp; «X» was July 29, & nbsp; one day later than this year. & Nbsp; «From Earth Overshoot Day to the end of the year, & nbsp; < strong> humanity operates in a deficit of ecological spending. & nbsp; This expense is currently one of the largest since the world went into ecological overshoot in the early 1970s “they had declared from the WWF with some concern. < / p>

An improvement-due to Covid in 2020

The year of the pandemic, in which much of the world was blocked at home for some time due to Covid, greatly limiting travel and consequently also the ecological footprint, & nbsp; was a year happy for Overshoot Day . In fact, in 2020 & nbsp; the deadline date has even reached the end of August, the 22 . & nbsp; Marking three weeks later than the previous year.

2022, the year of the & nbsp; «climate-storm»

«We are entering a storm concerning climate change and limitations of biological resources . The sooner it is possible to plan and foresee the next steps in this direction (for companies, cities and countries), the greater their chances of prospering » reads the organization’s website . Where you can also find lots of ideas to try to limit the daily waste of energy, from home life to construction to the relationship with animals.

Source: internet

SOURCE : Overshoot Day 2022, il 28 luglio si entra in «debito ecologico»: abbiamo consumato tutte l (

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